Chapter 842

He had heard of the Eight-Part Scepter, which contained the Relics of the Eight Mythist Priests. The weapon had a strong restraining effect on shadow corpses. If a ghoul overlord was injured by the Eight-Part Scepter, the injury would not heal automatically. Peter raised his head and stared at Felicity and asked, "Who are you, where are you from, and who are you looking for?" This woman came to Jonford armed with the Eight-Part Scepter. She was obviously targeting the ghoul overlord. She would know Nash or Eric. Felicity said robotically, "My name is Felicity, and I come from the Sagen Inspection Office. I'm on my way to see Nash Calcraft!" Sure enough... An intriguing smile appeared at the corner of Peter's mouth. Fortunately, he intercepted the scepter. Otherwise, Nash would have succeeded. The two Golden Amulet Masters would have a chance against the ghoul overlord if they had the Eight-Part Scepter. Without the scepter, what good would the two Golden Amulet Masters be? At

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