Chapter 843

Helma was stunned for a long time after hearing Skadi's account. Skadi asked, "Do you know who that zombie is?" Hera replied, "Who?" There was silence on the other end of the phone. Hera said impatiently, "Tell me quickly!" "I don't know who it is either!" Skadi smiled faintly. She did not have the heart to tell Hera that the zombie was Herman. "You must be sick!" Hera cursed in displeasure. She thought, ‘How could this woman make me curious, only to say she doesn't know?' "Where are Father Lloyd and Father Cillian? Are they dead too?" Hera asked cautiously. Skadi often sent her short videos of Lloyd and Cillian, so she had a deep impression of these two people. "I saved Cillian, and uh... Eric is treating his injuries. Father Lloyd..." "Miss... I'm hungry. Hey, are you talking about my master?" "I gotta go. I'll see you tomorrow!" Skadi hung up the phone. Hera put down her phone and took a deep breath. She still could not believe what Skadi said. However, Skadi would n

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