Chapter 846

As soon as Felicity said that, everyone turned their attention to Angelica. Angelica was stunned for a moment and then grumbled angrily, "I was curious about what it was at that time, but you didn't even let me touch it!" Later, she asked in puzzlement, "It's only been less than two hours. Don’t you remember?" Felicity frowned and tried to recall what happened again, but those scenes were so blurry like a mosaic. Angelica raised her hand and touched Felicity's forehead. "Are you having a fever?" Eric said thoughtfully, "In other words, Felicity still had the Eight-Part Scepter two hours ago!" Atlas nodded and said, "According to what Felicity just said, she stopped a car on the roadside after coming out of the warehouse!" Eric pinched the bridge of his nose. "It seems that she lost the Eight-Part Scepter in that car!" He lifted his head and said, "Before you got in the car, you attached great importance to the Eight-Part Scepter. But you don’t remember it after getting out of t

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