Chapter 847

Angelica never expected this person to be this extraordinary. Eric said, "Alright, I don’t mind telling you. Quiet Winds Church was destroyed by the ghoul overlord, and the Eight-Part Scepter brought by Felicity is the key to help us deal with the ghoul overlord!" Now, there was an urgent need to retrieve the Eight-Part Scepter. He had to tell the young woman the truth in order for her to cooperate. Angelica was stunned again. This person seemed to be more powerful than Nash. What he said should be the truth. If he could not deal with the ghoul overlord, this meant that Nash could not deal with it either. If a Path sanctuary as big as Quiet Winds Church could be destroyed by the ghoul overlord, one could imagine how destructive the ghoul overlord was to society. At this time, Jesebel walked out with Felicity. She said, "There's no mark on her body..." Felicity's face turned red. She thought, ‘This terrible woman didn't even spare what’s between my legs…’ Eric frowned. "Impossib

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