Chapter 849

Duncan suddenly felt distressed. "Don't cry. Come in first!" Mireille shook her head. "Forget it. I'll go to the bar!" With that, she turned around and left slowly. Duncan wanted to catch up, but without his godfathers’ protection, he did not dare to step out of the door. He could not be impulsive no matter how attracted he was to Mireille. "A few of you, go and protect her. If she loses even a strand of hair, you should know the consequences!" Duncan said coldly. "Yes!" Several bodyguards responded and then quietly followed Mireille. Mireille glanced sideways slightly. Her purpose was to lure Duncan out, and then Angelica would get someone to subdue him. Duncan did not come along with her. This would be a problem. There were many vehicles on the road. Atlas drove slowly and followed the bodyguards a hundred meters away. He frowned when he noticed Duncan did not come out. Jesebel, who was sitting in the front passenger seat, sighed. "The plan has failed. Let that beautif

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