Chapter 850

Mireille's eyes were filled with tears. Duncan embraced Mireille tightly and said with confidence, "Don't cry. Tell me what happened. I'll make your troubles go away!" If it were before, he would never have made a promise to his beloved woman so easily. However, even the Ten Families in Capiton were no longer his concern. The two walked into the villa courtyard. Mireille could not help but tremble when she saw the ghoul overlord tied to an evergreen tree with talismans all over his body. Duncan said softly, "Don't be afraid, he won't hurt you!" They went into the living room. Mireille saw Boris sprawled on the table and Peter lying on the chair with half-closed eyes. In the previous phone call, Angelica mentioned there were three experts in Duncan's family. They should be these three. "Tell me what happened. Who is your grandfather forcing you to marry?" Duncan helped Mireille sit on the sofa and asked softly. Mireille sniffed as she made up a lie about her grandfather forc

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