Chapter 851

Mireille shook off Duncan's hand expressionlessly and said, "Don't touch me.” Duncan embraced Mireille tightly and whispered, "Mireille, Nash and I are archenemies. He is a calamity in my life. Please understand, Mireille!" Mireille's body stiffened. "What kind of hatred do you harbor for him that you have to fight him to the death?" she asked curiously. Duncan fell silent. "Come inside first, and I'll tell you about my past,” he said and then held Mireille's delicate and innocent hand. Mireille wanted to resist but in the end, held his hand gently. When they entered the living room, Duncan said to the bodyguards in the room, "It's getting late, you guys can go rest for the night.” The bodyguards exchanged glances, then walked out of the villa's living room. At the door, one of them said, "Boss looks to be in a good mood tonight. He’s letting us off the night shift.” The other chuckled. "Why not? You think he wants us getting in the way of him picking up girls?” The middle-age

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