Chapter 852

The middle-aged bodyguard stared intently at Brian through his sunglasses, as if trying to see through any lies that might be revealed on his face. Casey slammed the herbs in his hand onto the table, saying, "If something happens to Mireille, I will never forgive you!” Irritated by Casey's outburst, Brian retaliated with a slap. "You've gone too far..." Casey's temples throbbed. He looked like he was about to retaliate again when Brian angrily exclaimed, "What, you want to fight me?" Casey took a deep breath, suppressing his anger, and bent down to pick up the herbs scattered on the floor. A pallid and weak-looking elderly woman receiving intravenous therapy nearby pleaded, "Don't quarrel. Casey, try to understand Old Tanner. He's doing it for the good of your daughter. What's wrong with Larry?" Casey sneered, "Now it's about free will in love. Who believes in arranged marriages and parental orders anymore? If he truly cares about Mireille, he wouldn't force her to marry someone sh

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