Chapter 853

“Nash is a remnant of the Young family. As long as he dies, the era belonging to the Young family will come to a complete end. The Duerson family will then be the future leader in the business world. I want to immortalize the Duerson family as the strongest throughout eternity!" Duncan exclaimed excitedly as his eyes filled with madness. Mireille looked at Duncan who seemed to be on the path of madness in disbelief. Was he planning to dominate the entire business world? Also, he wanted to kill Nash? Right, Angela did mention Duncan did try to annihilate Quiet Winds Church. Mireille glanced at the Eight-Part Sceptere placed on the coffee table through the corner of her eye. "Mireille.” Duncan suddenly turned around and Mireille immediately withdrew her gaze back to the terrifying man before her. Compared to how frenzied he was before, Duncan sat down next to her gracefully and held her hand affectionately. "Marry me, and I will make sure you become the happiest woman in the world!"

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