Chapter 855

"My doubts were unfounded, I shouldn't have suspected you." Duncan kissed Mireille's delicate face gently. His suspicions the previous night arose because of her untimely appearance. After investigating Tanner Group Pharmacy yesterday through his probes and subordinates, he confirmed that Mireille had indeed passed by the estate unintentionally. Moreover, they had consummated their relationship. She was now his woman, and continuing to doubt her would only hurt her. "Mireille, do you... do you love me?" Duncan suddenly asked, stuttering. Mireille shook her head and replied, "No." Duncan smiled bitterly, his eyes losing their luster. Perhaps... she had acted impulsively under the influence of alcohol? "Fool, feelings need time to develop!" Mireille chuckled, trying her best to show that she was gradually accepting Duncan. "Then, let's take our time to develop them.” Duncan raised his arm, pulling the woman into his embrace. ... On the rooftop, Peter, The Swordsman, and Borris gaz

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