Chapter 856

Back at the second-floor master bedroom with an independent bathroom. Mireille was vigorously rubbing every inch of her skin with a bath sponge until her smooth and fair skin turned bright red from the friction. No matter how much she scrubs herself, she still felt dirty. "Ah!" Mireille roared in frustration and flung the bath sponge to the ground. She fell to the ground, hugging her knees as she wept with pain. After spending an hour in the bathroom, she dragged her sore legs to the bedside, put on her clothes, and then left the room to go downstairs. There were only two maids in the house, both around 40 years old and with impeccable faces resembling numb robots. Mireille accidentally stepped on the mop and tilted backward. She let out a cry as one of the maids quickly stepped forward and bent down to catch her before she fell to the ground. "Miss Tanner, I… I'm sorry, I was negligent!" the maid said as she helped her up, apologizing nervously. "Don't blame yourself. I was car

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