Chapter 858

Skadi arrived at Nash's villa, filled with anger. As soon as she reached the entrance, an unkempt old man blocked her path. "Little girl, Nash isn’t taking any visitors today." Skadi recognized this old man. He caused her trouble last time when he collided with her car. Now, seeing him blocking her, her anger intensified and she snapped coldly, “What’s my looking for Nash got to do with you? Get out of my way!” The unkempt old man smiled faintly in response. "If you have any business, just tell me. I will inform Nash when he is free." Nash was currently breaking through to the Mystique Loyalty Realm and could not be disturbed during this period. Already infuriated, Skad’s anger erupted now that she was facing this persistent old man. She reached out and attempted to shove him away. However, before her hand even touched his shoulder, an invisible force blocked her, repelling like they were magnets. A martial artist? Skadi's expression changed slightly. She forced her hand down usi

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