Chapter 859

Both Kai's and Helena’s expressions were ugly. When they saw everyone in the room, they visibly froze. Helena stared at everyone and asked, "You all know too?" Puzzled, Atlas asked, "Know what?" "Something happened to the Watson family!” Just a moment ago, Jansen called Kai, informing him that Duncan had brought people to the Watson family. All the bodyguards were killed and Duncan coerced Walter into transferring 70% of the company's shares to him. Kai recounted the details of the call to everyone. The relief in the room was instantly replaced with tension again. Melody said, "Duncan's goal is to dominate the Jonford business world. He’ll probably pay a visit to the Lee family and the Zell family next. Does anyone have their contact information? Contact them immediately and advise against any resistance!" "What about Nash? Can't Nash stop him?" Helena asked. Melody shook her head, "He can't..." Kai took out his phone and dialed Grant's number. As soon as the call connected, Ka

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