Chapter 860

Duncan and his posse entered the Lee family residence. Olivia smiled and welcomed them, "Mr. Duerson, your visit is an honor. Please forgive us for not meeting you at the gates.” Duncan smiled politely, hands in his pocket. "I came uninvited, Ms. Olivia, please don't mind." Olivia bowed respectfully. "I’ve had some tea prepared. Please have some, Mr. Duerson.” Duncan felt extremely comfortable here. Olivia was the daughter-in-law of the Lee family, one of the top ten families in Capiton. She was well-received in the business community in Jonford. In the past, she looked down on him, but now she had lowered herself humbly before him, just like how she treated Nash with respect. This was what he wanted to achieve. In the living room, Duncan and his three associates sat on the sofa, drinking tea. Duncan frowned and asked, "Is your father not at home?" Olivia hurriedly explained, "My father is out with my grandfather for a walk. I am in charge of both the family and the company." Dun

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