Chapter 861

The Swordsman nodded. "I contacted them. They should be heading directly to the Sigur Cliff." Boris smiled and nodded. "Let's go there now.” Duncan summoned the captain of the bodyguards and instructed him to gather all the Duerson family's bodyguards. During this period, the number of the Duerson family's bodyguards had grown to a formidable 200, every one of them was at the Energy Cultivation Realm or grandmaster-level expert. Seizing the moment, Duncan returned to the living room, sat on the sofa, and absentmindedly opened a drawer, glancing at the Eight-Part Scepter inside. He had sprinkled some flour on the package containing the Eight-Part Scepter. If someone had tampered with it, the flour would have spilled into the drawer. Duncan reached in and took out the package, giving it a shake. The flour was undisturbed. At that moment, a maid placed a tray of tea on the coffee table. "Boss, have some tea!" Duncan put down the package, closed the drawer, and asked, "Did Mireille

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