Chapter 862

Duncan led Mireille downstairs. The Swordsman and Boris who were chatting on the sofa were momentarily surprised to see Mireille. Was this not the woman Duncan brought back before who then escaped? Back then, Nash had personally come to the Duerson family for her. Peter had not been with them at that time so when he saw that his godson had found such a beautiful girlfriend, his face lit up with joy. "Mireille, let me introduce you to my three godfathers! "This is The Swordsman, my godfather!" Mireille bowed, "Hello, Godfather!" The Swordsman nodded calmly. Duncan then moved on to Boris. "And this is Boris, also my godfather!" "Hello, Godfather!" Mireille greeted sweetly. Boris' face showed little expression as he asked straightforwardly, "What's your relationship with Nash?" Worried that Mireille might be frightened, Duncan explained, "Nash is her grandfather's grandmaster!" Hearing this, Boris smiled faintly, "Then you should have a good relationship with him, right?" Mirei

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