Chapter 863

“For safety reasons, it's better to let her wear it. Don't allow problems to occur just because of a woman,” The Swordsman advised. Duncan looked at Mireille helplessly as she immediately hung the talisman around her neck. Instantly, her eyes went from white to black, and the sweet smile on her face gradually stiffened. She stood next to Duncan like a lifeless shell. Peter chuckled. "Duncan, you don't need to worry. You can remove the talisman once we kill Nash. Now, you can ask her any questions and she will reply with the truth!" Duncan sighed and smiled bitterly before turning to Mireille and asking, "Do you like me?" Mireille nodded gently. "A bit..." A smile lit Duncan's face while at the same time, his eyes filled with guilt. "Did you come for the Eight-Part Scepter?” he asked again. Mireille shook her head. “No, I just happened to pass by the Duerson Villa and wanted to find someone to chat with to pass the time." Duncan finally relaxed. He looked at Peter and said, "I'll

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