Chapter 864

Nash's duel with The Swordsman had long spread throughout the martial arts world. Martial arts forums featured this explosive news prominently, with the moderators pinning the thread for all to see. The post's comments exceeded a million and the number of shares had soared above ten million. Ordinary martial arts schools and fighters were unfamiliar with The Swordsman in the secular world. When informed individuals disclosed The Swordsman's background, phrases like Black Wind Mountain and Mystique Loyalty Realm expert invoked awe. Someone in the comments section asked, [Who is Nash?] The informed person replied with just five words: [Johnathan Calcraft’s successor!] Once again, the comments section erupted. In the martial arts world, while one might not know the martial arts grandmasters Aria Winfeld or Wren Bosja, everyone knew Johnathan Calcraft. His legend could be traced back to the Light Dynasty. He was a legend who had lived from ancient times to the present, an immortal exi

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