Chapter 865

Others might not know The Swordsman, but the Ten Families of Capiton knew of him. There were very few people in the world who could withstand the completed Seven Deadly Sword Technique. Timothy slowly set down the teacup and looked at his seven sons, asking, "How do you all view the Duerson family?" The seven looked at each other, their expressions changing slightly. Not only did today's events cause a sensation in the martial arts world, but the business world had also been stirred up into a storm. The Duerson family established a business alliance, absorbing the top three families, which were the Watsons, Zells, and Lees. From now on, Jonford would be under the Duersons’ thumb. Marvin gloomily said, "The Duerson themselves aren’t formidable, but what's frightening is that they have two Mystique Loyalty Realm powerhouses with them.” The second son, Merlin, squinted his eyes and said, "They also have that evil Path taker, Peter Sontag. His ghoul overlord is the biggest threat!"

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