Chapter 866

A group of people arrived at the entrance only to see about a hundred others there. There were martial artists in martial arts attire, Path takers in their robes, and some elite bodyguards in suits, all exuding a murderous aura. Olivia, Kai, and Sydney stood at the forefront. The bodyguards were the three families’s core forces. Sydney was furious. She had just attended a graduation ceremony, and when she returned, her family had been robbed. Even her treasury was frozen, and her family members were taken to the Sigur Cliff by the Duersons’ people. She mobilized all of the Zell family's bodyguards to rescue her family. The Watsons and Lees were also equally unwilling to take any of this lying down. Today, they were determined to settle the score with Duncan. Eric looked at Kai, Helena, as well as Olivia and Sydney, and said, "You guys don't need to join, you'll just increase casualties!" Infuriated, Sydney retorted, "All my family members have been taken, I must rescue them!" Eric

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