Chapter 867

Nash was drenched in sweat. His spiritual power was insufficient and he was not able to form the energy center. He was stuck at the half-step to the Mystique Loyalty Realm and was unable to progress or regress. If he did not break through, then it meant that he would not be having the decisive battle with The Swordsman. Without defeating The Swordsman, Duncan would only become more ruthless. Jonford would suffer, and everyone around him, including himself, would be at risk. Nash’s gaze turned bloodshot. His deep-seated grudge was still unresolved, his revenge against the Kleins undone. How could he lose to Duncan? Outside the villa, Hera got out of the car and walked into the courtyard. Suddenly, an explosion startled her, causing her to sit on the ground in shock. A streak of golden light burst through the titanium alloy door of the basement and flew into Nash's room. Hera patted her chest, still gripped by fear. "Miss, what happened?" Maria hurriedly walked out of the house an

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