Chapter 869

As if having come to an answer, the skeleton grinned and said, "You can go now, don't disturb my sleep!" The black vortex slowly disappeared into the air, taking the skeleton and the coffin with it into the depths of the earth. … At Quiet Winds Church’s forbidden grounds, another black vortex appeared above the spirit lake out of nowhere. Jupiter was on guard duty in the forbidden grounds. When he saw the vortex in the air, his expression changed instantly. Suddenly, a deafening roar echoed from the spirit lake. Following that, a phantom of a giant dragon head emerged from the water. The phantom was extremely massive, and Jupiter felt like an ant in front of it. The shock he felt was beyond description. "Huh, why are a few ribs missing?" came a puzzled voice from the vortex. Jupiter shuddered. The next moment, a bright light entered his mind and Jupiter's gaze gradually became vacant. Several middle-aged inspectors in uniforms ran over quickly. “Holt! What was that sound just n

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