Chapter 870

Nash reached out into the air and an apple from the fruit tray on the coffee table flew into his hand. He took a bite and chewed thoughtfully. Meanwhile, Hera disclosed the events that happened to the Watsons, Zells, and Lees to him. The three families had transferred 70% of their assets. In an attempt to resist Duncan’s dominance, the families’ trusted subordinates shut down all their companies. These three families controlled 60% of the commerce in Jonford. Once their companies shut down, it would trigger a butterfly effect, affecting all industries in Jonford, big and small. "When did this happen?" Nash inquired. Nash had considered that Duncan might target the top three families, but he had not expected the assault to occur before his showdown with The Swordsman. It was as if Duncan completely disregarded him. Nash contacted Eric. "Nash, you're out of seclusion?" Eric sounded excited. "Yes, are you heading to the Sigur Cliff now?" Nash asked. "Yes, the Duerson family have al

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