Chapter 871

Hera followed Nash closely. She felt uneasy. Nash paused in his tracks when he arrived at the door, and Hera bumped into him. She wrapped her arms around him and sobbed, “You have to come home alive. If you don’t, I’ll go and look for you in the afterworld!” Nash froze. Then, he slowly turned around and took Hera in his arms as he kissed her forehead and said, “Don’t worry. I’ll come home alive!” Another moment passed before Nash turned to Olivia and said, “Please get me a helicopter!” Olivia said awkwardly, “All the helicopters belong to Drake Group, which is under the Duerson family’s control now!” Nash turned to Kai. “Same!” Kai retrieved the keys to his sports car. “These are the keys to my most powerful McLaren. If there’s no traffic, you should be able to get there in 40 minutes!” Nash glanced at the dark purple McLaren parked nearby before he grinned and took the keys from Kai. “Don’t make me pay if I end up wrecking your car!” Kai pursed his lips. “This ca

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