Chapter 872

All the yapping he had done was to get them to make way. Why had they not gotten his hint? “Oh, right, right… Quick… make way!” The drivers hurriedly got into their cars and revved their engines. The cars in the middle of the road swerved to the sides. A taxi driver grabbed his walkie-talkie and told his contacts to move their cars. A drone flying through the air captured the scene and transmitted the footage back to Jonford’s real-time observation room. In the newsroom… Benji was reporting on the riots happening all across Jonford. The crowds protesting on the streets… Then, there were scenes of the Inspection Office sending out multiple inspection officers to maintain order. Suddenly, one of the assistants raced in and said, “Ms. Benji, we’ve received footage of a weird phenomenon. All the drivers in Jonford are making way for the driver of a sports car!” Benji pushed her glasses up her nose and said, “Play the footage immediately!” Soon, the footage cut ove

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