Chapter 873

“Are they insane?” Nash waved a hand. An invisible force slammed the drones to the ground. Then, he dialed Jade’s number. At the Jonford Administrative Building… Jade had been watching the live stream when it stopped abruptly. An assistant approached with his phone and said respectfully, “A call from Mr. Calcraft, Governor!” Jade’s heart skipped a beat as he hurriedly got to his feet and took the call. “Mr. Calcraft…” The Duerson family was now so powerful the Inspection Office no longer had any power over them. Meanwhile, the National Martial Bureau and Special Security Department did not seem like they would be making any moves anytime soon. Nash was the only person who could save Jonford now. Hence, whenever Nash called, he spoke to him with utmost respect. Nash’s solemn tone rang out from the other end of the line. “We must keep the issue on the Duerson family and what’s going to happen at Sigur Cliff on the down low. Otherwise, it will cause irreparable damage

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