Chapter 874

They downed their drinks after clinking glasses. Duncan put his glass down and turned to look at Mireille, who was sitting beside him, looking like a walking corpse. His heart ached for her as he asked, “Mireille, do you want to get some rest?” Mireille said woodenly, “Anything you say!” Duncan picked Mireille up and took her over to an air mattress set up nearby. Then, the head of the Duncan family’s security walked over and said, “Mr. Swordsman, a crew of oddly dressed people want to see you!” “Did they state where they’re from?” the Swordsman asked flatly as he gazed at the head of security. “Black Wind Mountains!” the head of security answered respectfully. “The Mountain Master and the rest are here!” The Swordsman grinned and immediately jumped to his feet to walk outside with Boris. After Duncan pulled a blanket over Mireille, Peter said, “Dun, let’s head out and meet the members from Black Wind Mountains as well!” The power of the Black Wind Mountains was not s

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