Chapter 875

He knew the Black Wind Double Kill was extremely powerful, but he had no idea they were so powerful that even The Swordsman deferred to them. Black Gem smiled. “No need for such formalities!” Smiles appeared on The Swordsman and Boris’ faces. Boris introduced Peter to Black Gem. “This is…” “Peter Sontag from the Ursa Sect…” Black Gem interrupted Boris and smiled genially as he said, “I’ve met him before. He once dropped by the Black Wind Mountains when he was fleeing for his life seven years ago!” Peter bowed. “I remember meeting you both, Master Black Gem and Master White Gem!” Though the two seemed young, they were actually seasoned fighters who were over a hundred years old. Besides, they had far more superior abilities than he did. He had the ghoul overlord on his side when facing The Swordsman and Boris. Hence, there was no need for him to fear them. However, Peter felt genuine fear creep over him when he looked at the Black-and-White twins standing before him.

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