Chapter 877

Peter clasped his hands behind his back, a gleeful look on his face as he said, “This ghoul overlord is miles more powerful than the one from a few years back. Now, I’m going to make it even more powerful!” When he finished his sentence, he walked to the corner where a sack was. He opened the sack to retrieve the dragon meridian that would be used to upgrade the ghoul overlord’s powers. However, the smile on his face froze when he pulled the sack open. Where was the dragon meridian? An ugly look immediately settled across Peter’s face. He began recalling his journey from Jonford. Ever since leaving the Duerson household, he had been the only person in the Rolls-Royce. That sack had never left his person before they arrived at Sigur Cliff. After the tents were set up, he had placed the sack in a corner. However, even then, both he and the Swordsman had never left the tent. They had only left for a short while to greet the visitors from the Black Wind Mountains just now

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