Chapter 878

Pfft! Melody could not hold her laughter in. Finn was speaking up on her behalf. She had felt slightly annoyed when Eric berated him just now and had also felt slightly nervous on his behalf. She had not expected Eric to humiliate him even further. After all, Eric Sanders was the principal of Clear Dew Court! By right, he should be a refined and respectable man. This massive contrast was enough to give anyone whiplash. The gloomy look on Finn’s face was immediately replaced with one of delight. “Gosh, I didn’t know Boris was an orphan. No wonder he strayed down the wrong path!” Boris’ eyes turned bloodshot as he curled his hands into fists. The Swordsman could not stand it anymore, and unsheathed his Seven Deadly Swords as he said coldly, “Eric Sanders, do you think someone with manners like yours deserves to be the Principal of Clear Dew Court?” Eric looked at him lazily. “Sorry, but you have no right to discuss manners with me yet!” Boom! The Swordsman was enr

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