Chapter 879

It was just as Duncan had said. She was deliberately angering The Swordsman to mess with his emotions. Atlas spoke abruptly. “Did you guys notice anything odd about Mireille just now?” That stunned both Melody and Finn. They had purposely avoided looking at Mireille just now to avoid raising Duncan’s suspicions and had not noticed anything amiss about her. Eric replied, “She’s under a hypnotic talisman’s control!” A shocked look appeared on Melody’s face. “Hypnotic talisman? Control?” Eric nodded and explained, “The hypnotic talisman is one of Peter’s inventions. The evil energy inside the talisman will eat away at the mind of whoever wears it, and they will obey all their master’s commands. Duncan is probably the master!” Melody and Finn sighed and lowered their heads. Felicity’s face turned pale, and tears of self-blame rolled down her cheeks. All this had happened because she had lost the scepter. If she had taken a private plane or allowed Angelica to escort her t

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