Chapter 880

The man was already making it so obvious, but Bobby was not taking the hint. Tristan oversaw the entire Special Security Department, which meant he only ranked slightly below the head of the National Martial Bureau in terms of status. He was only speaking to himself and Bobby politely out of respect for their cultivated skills. However, given Bobby’s arrogant attitude, it was no wonder he was losing his temper. Bobby scoffed and turned his head the other way. That made Tristan feel much better, and he turned toward the tent his men had set up in a short time and beckoned toward it politely. “Since Nash has not arrived yet, why don’t we enjoy a cup of hot tea first?” Otis smiled and entered the tent with Tristan. The sunset soon turned to dusk. The watching crowd grew in size. All the spectators shared one thing in common. They were all martial artists. Getting to witness a battle between two Mystique Loyalty Realm experts was a dream that all martial artists had bec

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