Chapter 882

Otis was grinning from ear to ear. Tristan nodded and continued watching the top of the mountain. The Swordsman held a sword in both hands. He jumped up and flew above Nash, slashing the Seven Deadly Swords toward his head. Nash crossed his hands, forming a protective shield with his true energy to resist The Swordsman’s attack. Buzz! The true energy shield was instantly shattered. Nash flew 20 meters away. His clothes got ripped into pieces, and there was a 30-centimeter-long wound on his chest. His blood and flesh were visible from the outside. It was a ghastly sight. The martial artists present had visions far beyond that of ordinary people, so they had a clear view of the wound on Nash’s chest. Melody and Felicity could not help but exclaim. Their faces ashened. Mireille’s chest tightened all of a sudden, and her hands became clammy. Duncan was so focused on the top of the mountain that he did not notice the unusual expression on Mireille’s face. Nash looked down at th

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