Chapter 883

”Nash has been defeated!” A smile appeared on Boris’s lips. He knew The Swordsman’s Seven Deadly Swords Technique well. If he were in Nash’s position, he would probably have a hard time defending himself from the last three slashes. The fact that Nash lasted until the fourth slash was enough to mark his name in the history of martial arts. Duncan happily grabbed Mireille’s hands, but he frowned when he noticed how clammy her hands were. Mireille was trembling. Duncan let go of her hands and realized that her palms were sweating because she was nervous about The Swordsman. Clang! A sound of metal colliding came from the mountain. A brilliant light emitted from the top of Sigur Cliff like exploding stars. What was that sound? It sounded like The Swordsman’s slash had struck some kind of metal plate. Everyone was confused. However, the light was too glaring for them to look up, except for those in the Mystique Loyalty Realm. They saw The Swordsman’s fourth slash striking a

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