Chapter 884

As the world turned dark, the only thing visible was the purple thunder in the sky. It was like the end of the world. Under the cliff, everyone’s faces changed drastically. Their knees bent under the force of the thunder as if they were going to worship it. Even Bladesman Divus bolted upright. The pupils of the Black Wind Twins contracted to almost pinpricks. The faces of Otis, the Great Elder of the National Martial Bureau, and Tristan, the dean of the Special Security Department had completely drained of color. “What kind of Path technique is that?” “How could it create such powerful thunder?” Even after living for over a hundred years, Peter had never seen such terrifying thunder. He had seen the Five Elements Thunder Technique and the Heavenly Spirit Thunder Technique, but neither of them could create such momentum. Black Gem said with a pale face, “This is the Infinite Divine Thunder Curse created by Johnathan Calcraft!” Bewildered, Peter stammered, “The Infinite Divine

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