Chapter 886

Duncan held Mireille in his arms and blamed himself, “Mira, it’s my fault for failing to protect you!” When Peter put the talisman around Mireille, he wanted to refute it, but he dared not do it in front of Peter. The talisman must have caused Mireille’s headache, so Duncan blamed himself for not preventing it from happening. The middle-aged doctor took her pulse again, and said with a smile, “Ms. Tanner’s pulse is back to normal now. She seems to be in good health!” Mireille whispered, “I’ve always been healthy!” Then, she looked around and asked timidly, “Where is this place? Why don’t I remember anything?” Duncan explained, “This is Sigur Cliff!” Mireille nodded and asked feebly, “Did Swordsman and Nash fight? Who won?” Duncan’s eyes were filled with sorrow, and he choked. “The Swordsman is dead…” Mireille’s eyes widened in disbelief. “The Swordsman is so powerful… How could it be…” Before she finished her sentence, she asked, “Is Nash dead?” She saw what happened. Even N

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