Chapter 887

Felicity and Melody were calling Nash’s name in the rubble. Bladesman and the unkempt old man were fighting the ghoul overlord. Boris turned into a black shadow and rushed toward Felicity and Melody like a tiger let out of its cage. Buzz! The atmosphere before Jasper trembled as he slashed at Boris with a dagger in his hand. “You should know your place…” Boris had already sensed that his cultivation was only at the Profound Reality Realm, so he blasted him away with his palm. Jasper staggered strangely and vanished. Boris looked around, but there was no sight of him. It was like he disappeared into the night. Just as he was about to go after Felicity and Melody, Jasper snuck up on him. Boris punched the air and uttered angrily, “Come out and fight me if you dare. What’s the point of being a coward?” On the treetops in the distance, a dark silhouette stood there proudly. With a smirk, he said, “You’re in the Mystique Loyalty Realm, and I’m in the Profound Reality Realm, but d

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