Chapter 888

The fierce battle between the four Mystique Loyalty Realm masters caused landslides, earthquakes, and storms. Meanwhile, the people from the National Martial Bureau and Special Security Department looked through the mist in the direction of Sigur Cliff. Bobby squinted and looked at the unkempt old man fighting Boris. He turned to Otis and asked, “Is that him?” Otis shook his head and said, “You have to ask the Second Elder. Only he has fought against him before!” Behind the two of them, a skinny old man observed for a moment and nodded. He said, “It’s him…” Bobby sneered, “He didn’t even show up when we arrested Jasper. I didn’t expect him to show up today!” Tristan looked at the people confusedly and asked, “Who is he?” The fact that all the elders of the National Martial Bureau paid so much attention to him meant that he must not just be an ordinary person. “Mark the Ripper!” Otis paused between every word. That name once caused the entire National Martial Bureau sleepless

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