Chapter 889

The ghoul overlord had been pierced by the 18 sword forms. However, the wound healed in the blink of an eye. Bladesman Divus’ gaze turned glum. The ghoul overlord’s recovery ability was terrifying. If this went on, he would not be able to kill it even if he exhausted all his true energy. By then, ten masters of the Special Security Department had gathered around. Tristan said solemnly, “Bladesman Divus, we’re here to help you!” Roar… The ghoul overlord let out an earth-shattering roar. He clasped his hands together and dug his black nails into his chest. Crack! Crack! The people in the Special Security Department watched in disbelief as the ghoul overlord tore himself in half. Uh… Tristan was dumbstruck. There was no way it killed itself out of fear, right? In the next second, the two halves of the ghoul overlord’s body recovered. There were two, and each of them had equal power. Bladesman Divus frowned. “You’re no match for it. Run, now!” As soon as he said that, the

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