Chapter 890

Was he considered number one in swordsmanship? The elders of the National Martial Bureau got worked up. Bobby could not help but ask, “Otis, has he… broken through the Profound Oriental Realm?” Otis took a deep breath and shook his head. “He’s stronger than peak Mystique Loyalty Realm but weaker than Profound Oriental Realm. He should be in the partial Profound Oriental Realm!” Everyone was horrified. If the partial Profound Oriental Realm was this terrifying already, how powerful would he be when he fully achieved it? Bobby was reminded of his grandfather. The ghoul overlord was thrown out by the surging debris. Bladesman narrowed his eyes and jumped into the sky with his sword. “Mountain and River Destroying Sword!” Bladesman shouted five words. He instantly transformed into several figures, slashing out thousands of sword forms. Rumble! Sigur Cliff, which already had one-third of it sheared off, had just lost another half. The mountain was collapsing, and the ghoul ove

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