Chapter 891

They both helped Nash up, but he was so limp that his legs gave way. Melody wanted to carry Nash on her back, but the wound on his chest was terrifying. It was not appropriate to carry him on her back. Just when she was about to lift Nash by her side, a ghoul overlord fell from the sky. Melody pushed Nash to Felicity and exclaimed, "I'll hold it back… You take Nash away..." Felicity's face was pale and her lips trembled as she said, "You can't defeat it. Let's go together!" Melody frowned. "Can you not be wishy-washy?" With that, she clenched her fist and struck at the ghoul overlord. Felicity picked up Nash and ran outside quickly. Barely a few steps, she saw a figure thrown upside down in front of him. It was Melody. The early stage Profound Reality Realm cultivation level was simply not enough to stand against the ghoul. Melody got up from the ground and rushed over. Felicity had training for a great master and was very agile. She stepped on a stone and jumped two meters

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