Chapter 892

With a gentle Mythism chant. A young priest dressed in white stood in front of Felicity. The young priest had serene features. He put his hands together and clamped Peter's cedar wood sword. The fire did not hurt him at all. Peter frowned slightly. "Where did this damned priest come from?" He threw out a talisman with his left hand. The talisman turned into a giant sword and slashed towards the priest's head. The young priest looked calm. A huge golden bell appeared on him. Dong! The sword form struck the golden bell and was immediately shattered by the backlash. "Golden Bell?" Peter narrowed his eyes. He had a bad feeling in his heart. The Golden Bell was an inherited skill from Mythism. Only eminent priests above the Profound Reality realm could wield it. "Priest Jaxon!" Felicity looked at the priest standing in front of her in surprise. How did he find her here? Jaxon twisted his hands, and the cedar wood sword broke with a crisp sound. He then lifted his head and s

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