Chapter 893

"Six-Word Great Divine Mantra!" Nashqiang leaned against a stone and muttered. The Six-Word Great Divine Mantra was also known as the Six-Word Maxim, which was similar to the Nine-Character Mantra of the Path. It was the superior secret weapon of Mythism. Everyone in Mythism was familiar with the Six-Word Great Divine Mantra, but no one could understand its profound meaning, and therefore could not use it in battle. This young priest looked like the same age as himself, but he already had extremely profound attainments in the study of Mythism. Awesome! Boom! Jaxon opened his eyes, and his pupils were golden. The Mythism statue behind him opened its eyes too. A large number of hands came from the giant totem, slapping in all directions. The two ghoul overlords in the black mist were smacked and flew away. Peter rubbed his eyes in disbelief. He was horrified and devastated. Who was this little priest? How did he know the Six-Word Maxim? However, he quickly gathered himself.

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