Chapter 894

The swords carried by those experts who came to watch the battle also lit up and shot to the sky. On top of that, some ancient swords hidden deep in the mountains were all revealed. Countless sharp swords gathered towards Sigur Cliff like a violent storm cloud. The energy of the sword lit up the sky. Its presence was like a rainbow, unparalleled and a spectacle. Nash and Eric, who were still fixing their wounds in meditation, opened their eyes at the same time. They looked horrified and said in unison, "Return Of Infinite Swords!" The highest level of swordsmanship. Return of Infinite Swords. Once used, all swords would act like servants meeting their masters. No wonder Nash was shocked. This was the realm of swordsmanship that Master Calcraft could only dream of. Master Calcraft's cultivation realm had surpassed the Profound Oriental Realm. If he were to use Return of Infinite Swords instead, his power would be even more unstoppable. The sword energy illuminated the skies

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