Chapter 895

The giant sword easily penetrated the ghoul overlord's chest and plunged it into the ground. The sword energy on the giant sword slowly converged, and then spread out, charging towards the Black Wind Twins. White Gem and the other two released their true energy to form a protective shield. Alas, it was not enough to resist the Return of Infinite Swords despite the sword energy being reduced to one-tenth of its power. Stab stab stab! Sounds of stabbing swords pierced their body. Peter was riddled with holes. The four people behind him were also pierced to varying degrees. However, it was not life-threatening. The four of them trembled, and the swords stuck in their bodies flew away. Black Gem's empty eye sockets were still bleeding. He breathed a sigh of relief with lingering fear. "Is the Swordsman still there?" White Gem looked at the top of the mountain, where the Swordsman still stood proudly with his hands behind his back. She swallowed and said, "Yes..." Black Gem tho

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