Chapter 896

That half-body seemed to be summoned by something. It quickly disappeared into the woods. Nash and the others were relieved. After Mark recovered slightly, he went towards where Priest Jaxon and the ghoul overlord were fighting. On the left side of the forest, golden light and black mist were intertwined. From time to time there were screams. Finally, the Great Elder of the National Martial Bureau could no longer sit still and said, "Follow me to suppress the ghoul overlord!" A group of experts zapped and rushed towards the battlefield. The other side. In Duncan's tent. The huge air mattress was in a mess. Mireille slowly put on her clothes. There was still an afterglow of sex on her face that had not faded. With the Duerson's bodyguards in the tent, she could not attack Duncan, so she could only seduce him to drive the bodyguards away. Originally, Duncan was not in the mood to sleep with Mireille, but he could never resist this woman. As they entangled in bed, Mireille p

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