Chapter 897

After he wiped out everyone here, he would recuperate for a period of time. He would then take the ghoul overlord to level the Black Wind Mountains. "Master Peter, please calm down. Let's leave here first and then make a long-term plan!" Boris crossed his fists. "Leave? Why should we leave?" Peter pushed away the bodyguard who was supporting him and ordered, "Find a set of clothes for me!" The bodyguard captain's mouth twitched. Who would pack an extra set of clothes now? After thinking for a moment, he said to a bodyguard who was about the same size as Peter, "Take off your clothes and give them to Master Peter!" The bodyguard dared not defy and silently took off his coat. Peter put on the outfit, casually buttoned two buttons, then stared at Boris and asked coldly, "Leave? Why should we leave?" "The Swordsman is dead, and the people from Black Wind Mountains have also left. If we don’t leave, do we stay here to wait for death?" Boris did not know whether to laugh or cry.

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