Chapter 899

In order to prevent from slipping, Mireille kicked off her shoes, stepped on the cold moss with her fair and delicate feet, and walked forward cautiously. After walking about ten meters away, Mireille heard whispers coming from above. She immediately stopped and held her breath. "Second Brother, why don't we just run away? Master Peter's ghoul overlord is too damn terrifying!" "Yes, although the high salary is very tempting, we can’t spend it if we lose our life!" "I agree. If we follow Mr. Duerson, we are constantly living with our heads on the chopping block!" The bodyguards whispered. They all shuddered as they recalled how their captain was drained of blood and human essence by the ghoul overlord. The bodyguard who was nicknamed Second Brother gave them a cold stare. "Mr. Duerson is a man who achieves greatness. Only by following him, we can have a future. If you want to be comfortable and make money at the same time, how is that possible?" Before anyone could reply, he con

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