Chapter 900

The bodyguard's pupils shrank. The next second, a strong force pulled him down. "Ah!!!" The bodyguard fell off the cliff while screaming. His cry would attract the others. Mireille dared not waste time. She grabbed the vines with both hands and moved forward quickly. About ten minutes later, Duncan led more than 20 bodyguards to the place where the bodyguard fell off the cliff. From the traces of saxifrage on the ground and the lopsided vines on the rock wall, Duncan imagined that the bodyguard was lying on the ground trying to pull Mireille up, and Mireille dragged the bodyguard down the cliff. "Chase her!" Duncan's face was so gloomy that he almost shed tears. He thought that her sincerity could win Mireille's heart. He never expected that in the end, it was only his delusions. That woman who looked gentle, sweet, and harmless was more scheming than himself. It was also because he loved her so much that he let go of all his defenses, allowing her to take advantage of him

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