Chapter 901

There was disdain in Mireille’s eyes as she gripped the edge of the cliff with both hands before throwing herself forward. A vine wrapped around her torso like a water snake just when she was plunging downward. Melody held onto the vine tightly and yanked it backward, bringing Mireille on the other end of the vine to her side. The bodyguards immediately raised their guns and pulled the trigger. The sound of gunfire was incessant. Finn used his true energy and shot a huge amount of rocks toward the bullets. Sparks flew through the air. Shrouded by the night’s darkness, Ken darted among the group of bodyguards like a ghost. He grabbed a handgun with his dark, demon-claw-like unicorn arm. He twisted it into a mass of metal with just a little force. Not waiting for the bodyguard to respond, he immediately brought his palm to the top of his head. The man crumpled to the ground and started bleeding from all seven of his orifices even before he could let out a shriek of pain. Ken d

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